Internal Policy or a Step to Lure Global Investment

The Corporate Tax Reduction that was implemented on the 20th September, 2019, by the Finance Ministry of India, has set the eyes of global investors, Multi-National Companies and other countries on us. By this reform, India makes herself to be a potential competitor in the Global market. But many criticisms were also placed that this move would not fetch any immediate positive results and in fact worsen the existing sluggish economic state.

IL&FS Financial Service Limited v. Emerald Lands (India) Private Limited 1446 / 2019

NCLT ordered to admit the petition as there is a default

Reserve Bank of India v. Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. MA No.4125/2019 in CP...

Appointment of Authorized Representative of Public Depositors

Divya Sharma v. Efferent Real Estates Private Limited 297 / 2019

NCLT ordered to admit the petition as there is a default

Oriental Bank of Commerce v. Mittal Corp Limited 434 / 2018

Application in view of ultra vires circular

YMC Technologies Private Limited 675 / 2019

Order for voluntary liquidation

Vijaykumar V. Iyer v. Union of India 298 & 302 / 2018

Application of Moratorium for a property in possession of the corporate debtor