Rural Electrification Corporation v. Ferro Alloys Corporation Limited 251 / 2017

Exclusion of time period for completion of CIRP process

Mr. Swaraj Kumar v. Expat Projects Bangalore Holding Pvt Ltd. 82 / 2018

Application rejected since the debt claimed does not fall within the definition of Operational Debt

Role of Competition Commission of India in Insolvency Resolution

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (“IBC”) created revolution in the existing legal sphere. IBC has a huge impact on Indian economy (even in international scenario) as it is intertwined with other Acts and Rules like Competition Act, 2002, Competition Commission of India (Procedure in regard to the transaction of Business relating to Combinations) Regulations, 2011 etc.

Siti Networks Limited v. Bhoomika Media Initiative Private Limited 58/9 / 2019

Application admitted since debt proved beyond doubt

Mr. T.V.Balasubramanium, RP (Gemini Arts Pvt. Ltd.) 710 / 2017

Application exclude 180 days from the CIRP

The Karad Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd. v. Khandoba Prasanna Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. 1509 /...

The tribunal approved the implementation of resolution plan

Central Bank of India v. RS Ingot & Billet Pvt. Ltd. 274 / 2019

Initiation of CIRP for claims based on Consortium agreement

Akshar Properties. v. Reliable Exports (India) Pvt. Ltd. 3312 / 2018

Claim of operational creditor under a joint venture is not maintainable under Section 9 of the Code.

Avalani Engineering Corporation v. Debdip Rubber Works Pvt Ltd. 1501/ 2018

Application rejected as there was no delivery of notice under Section 8

Lalitha Developers v. Ittina Properties Pvt Ltd. 129 / 2018

Application dismissed as there was existence of dispute on the Operational Debt

Kamal Metals Pvt Ltd. v. MK Peacock Mineral Water Pvt Ltd. 1279 / 2018

Application allowed as default was proved beyond doubt

Bank of India v. Prominent Metal Pvt Ltd. 1083 / 2019

NCLT allows CIRP against Corporate Debtor

Urmilla Enterprises Pvt Ltd. v. URC Construction Pvt Ltd. 415 / 2019

Application for initiating CIRP against the Corporate Debtor

Ramchandra D. Choudhary (RP of Maharashtra Shetkari Sugar Ltd.) v. COC of Maharashtra Shetkari...

90 days excluded from the CIRP period as the reason was justified

Counfreedise v. Timex India Group Pvt Ltd. 27 / 2018

Application dismissed since the claim does not fall within the meaning of Operational Debt

Tricolite Electrical Industries Ltd. v. HBN Homes Colonisers Pvt Ltd. 82 / 2018

Application allowed as default was proved beyond doubt

Macro Leafin Private Limited v. Dhrovv India Limited 9 / 2018

Application for Liquidation stands withdrawn

Mr. Arvind Garg (Moser Baer Solar Ltd.) v. COC of Moser Baer Solar Ltd....

Order of Liquidation was not interfered as there no valid ground

Mr. S.S.Chockalingam v. Mr. Mahalingam Suresh Kumar (Nag Yang Shoes Pvt. Ltd.) 431 /...

Application to direct the Liquidator to refund the deposited money

Shree Shyamala Estates v. Shopper Stop Ltd. 4012 / 2018

NCLT dismissed the application due to the fault of the applicant

Eastern Electrodes and Coke Pvt. Ltd. v. Bhaskar Shrachi Ltd. 591 / 2018

Denial of CIRP due to the existence of a pre-existing dispute between the parties

Stressed Assets Stabilization Fund v. Shree Vaishnodevi Mills Pvt. Ltd. 1216 / 2018

Application to initiate CIRP against the Corporate Debtor

Suraj Mal Sharma v. Ojasvi Agritech Pvt Ltd. 132/9 / 2019

Application admitted as the default was proved beyond doubt