Shweta Vishwanath Shirke & Ors v. The Committee of Creditors & Anr 601 /...

Liquidator/Creditor should adhere to Section 230 of Companies Act, 2013

Praxis Corporate Services Pvt Ltd. v. Powai Cubicles Pvt Ltd. 456 / 2019

Appeal allowed as no prior bonafide dispute was present

Madhusudan Sharma v. J.D. Aneja Edibles Pvt. Ltd 764 / 2019

Appeal allowed as orders weren’t passed for 8 matters

Edelweiss Assets Reconstruction Co. Ltd. v. Bharath Defence and Infrastructure Ltd. 292 / 2017

Applications for extension of time for compromise submission and for stay in auction

Swasti Bhowmick v. India Ltd. 462 / 2019

Amount settled, Appeal withdrawn

Shree Rajeshwar Weaving Mills Pvt. Ltd. v. Bank of India 2418 / 2019

Securities – a part of the liquidation estate

R. Adaikkalavan v. C.T. Ramanathan Infrastructure (P) Ltd. & 2 Others 832 / 2019

Liquidator/Creditor should adhere to Section 230 of Companies Act, 2013

State Bank of India v. Moser Baer Karamchari Union & Anr 396 / 2019

Section 53(1) (b) r/w Section 36(4)of IBC overrides Section 326(1) (a) of Companies Act

Central Bank of India v. RS Ingot & Billet Pvt. Ltd. 274 / 2019

Initiation of CIRP for claims based on Consortium agreement

Akshar Properties. v. Reliable Exports (India) Pvt. Ltd. 3312 / 2018

Claim of operational creditor under a joint venture is not maintainable under Section 9 of the Code.

IL & FS Financial Services Ltd. v. Parsvnath Developers Ltd. 767 / 2019

Hearing of a matter pending in the appellate court

Pragat Akshay Urja Ltd. v. Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. 753 / 2019

Parallel proceedings – A pre-existing dispute under section 9

Gupshup Technology India Pvt Ltd. v. Interpid Online Retail Pvt Ltd. 23 / 2019

Claim is a right of payment even if it a disputed one

Pederson Consultants India Pvt Ltd. v. Nitesh Estates Ltd. 720 / 2018

Existence of dispute should be prior to the issuance of Demand Notice

Ramchandra D. Choudhary (RP of Maharashtra Shetkari Sugar Ltd.) v. COC of Maharashtra Shetkari...

90 days excluded from the CIRP period as the reason was justified

Mr. M. Srinivas v. Smt. Ramanathan Bhuvaneshwari & Ors 498 / 2019

The Adjudicating Authority has the Dual and interwoven role to pass order under Companies Act and IBC

Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Ltd. & Anr v. Kerala Electricity Board & Anr 232...

Supply of essential goods which includes ‘electricity’ should not be terminated during moratorium period

Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd. v. Raheja Developers Ltd. 703 / 2018

Existence of dispute should be prior to the issuance of Demand Notice

Bank of Baroda v. Chamber Constructions Pvt. Ltd. 3962 / 2018

Creditor’s rights to claim repayment through any legal means

Indiabulls Commercial Credit Ltd. v. Yashaswini Leisure Pvt. Ltd. 3162 / 2018

Petition filed by RP seeking extension of CIRP period

Nupur Finvest Pvt. Ltd. v. Unnati Fortune Hotmart Pvt. Ltd. 499 / 2018

Reasonableness of claims raised by the applicant and duties of resolution professional

Raymond Construction Co. India Pvt. Ltd. v. Larsen and Toubro Ltd. 668 / 2019

Matters not falling under the purview of Section 9 of the code

Arunava Sikdar v. Sanjeev Saxena & Ors. 682 / 2019

Inclusion of the Government as a party to the case