Subrata M Maity v. Punjab National Bank MA 136/2020 in IBA 307 / 2019

The Respondent- Bank is directed to remit back the claimed amount to Corporate Debtor’s Account

R. Raghavendran, RP IA 262/2020 in IBA 243 / 2019

Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process timeline extended

G Ramachandran v. UCO Bank MA 39/2020 in IBA 92 / 2019

The Tribunal ordered the bank for restoration of credit to the Corporate Debtor’s account

Panna Pragati Infrastructure & Anr. v. Mr. Amit Pareek, RP 13 / 2019

The Insolvency Application filed by the petitioners has been rejected by the Tribunal

Masonite Doors Private Limited 50 / 2020

NCLT order to dissolve the corporate person and disposed of the application

Stressed Assets Stabilization Fund (SASF) v. L.S.P Agro Limited 210 / 2019

Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process initiated

Gurudev Foundations Pvt. Ltd. v. Mr. Velli Paramasivam & The Sub-Registrar Office 1365 /...

The Interim Resolution Professional is directed not to deal with the said property

Garron Trading Company Private Limited v. Gopal Krishna Raju & Others 151 / 2019

Applicant is directed to submit its claim before the Liquidator

Namdhari Food International Private Limited 189 / 2017

NCLT order to aside the aforementioned order and disposed of the petition 

State Bank of lndia v. Adhunik Metaliks Ltd. 373 / 2017

Claims during non-implementation period

Ramela Rangasamy MA 1436/2019 in CP1384 / 2018

The Corporate Debtor stands liquidated

The South Indian Bank Limited v. Mr. S. Rajagopal, (Liquidator), Dr. K.M. Cherian and...

The Application filed by the Financial Creditor is dismissed and the scheme is approved

ASK Investment Managers Private Limited v. Anil Khicha & Dr. L. Natarajan and Anil...

Applicant is permitted to become a member of the Committee of Creditors

Padam Kumar Tatia v. Sundaresan Nagarjan & Anr. 193 / 2019

Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process initiated

T.K Santhosh & Another v. Kavitha Surana 1347 / 2019

Petition dismissed as misconceived

YMC Technologies Private Limited 675 / 2019

Order for voluntary liquidation