Ganesh P Pai 19 / 2022

Application is admitted

Sanjay Chaturvedi v. Sanjay Gupta IA 178/2022 in CP 131/2017

The present application made by the liquidator is allowed

Vasudevan Gopu Liquidator of Aerosite Energy Private Limited 26 / 2023

The Applicant stands dissolved, and the application stands admitted.

Big Loyalty India Pvt. Ltd 91 / 2023

The present application filed by the Applicant stands admitted.

Naveen Sachdeva (M/s. Jay Packaging) v. Magppie International Ltd. IA 5523/2021 in CP 2924/2019

The corporate debtor stands dissolved and the applications stands disposed.

CA Jasin Jose IA 308/2023 in CP 34/2021

The application is admitted 

Chinar Forge Ltd. v. BLR Logistiks [I] Ltd. IA 1784/2023 in CP 225/2019

The petition consequently stands dismissed, however, with no order as to costs.