Corporate Applicant

Bawa Appliances Pvt Ltd. v. Corporation Bank & Ors 405 / 2018

Application dismissed due to non-prosecution

Parikh Fabrics Pvt Ltd. 12/10 / 2019

NCLT orders for CIRP against corporate applicant

Xenia Abode Services Pvt Ltd. 1392 / 2018

Application dismissed as infructuous

Neeta Chemicals (India) Pvt Ltd. 128/10 / 2017

NCLT orders debtor to furnish information

Kunal Industries Private Limited 413 / 2018

Application under Section 10 of the Code admitted as the application was complete

GSN Fello Alloys Pvt Ltd. 472/10 / 2018

Petition disposed of as withdrawn

Tanishka Agro Venture Pvt Ltd. 129 / 2018

Application was withdrawn as the necessary Respondents were not impleaded as party in the application

DSK Motorwheels Private Limited 1898 / 2018

Application dismissed as withdrawn

Maxim Infra Venue Pvt Ltd. 131 / 2018

Application was withdrawn as the necessary Respondents were not impleaded as party in the application

AGP Steels Private Limited 148 / 2017

NCLT approves Resolution Plan of Investor

Trafi Application Private Limited 853 / 2018

Application for the voluntary liquidation was admitted due to compliance with all relevant provisions of the Code

SSMP Industries Limited 236 / 2018

Application admitted on submission of all the relevant documents

Kamineni Steel & Power India Pvt. Ltd. v. Indian Bank & Ors. 45 /...

NCLAT urges Tribunal to pass liquidation order

Siddhi Vinayak Power Generation and Distributors Private Limited 531 / 2018

Application under Section 10 of the Code admitted as the application was complete

Dipak Jamanbhai Rachchhaa Liquidator of Aarohi Motors Pvt Ltd. v. Bank of India 117/10...

Withdrawal of application on pursis filed by the applicant

Sanjay Mansukhbhai Ramani v. Bhoomi Ginning Pressing Pvt Ltd. 113/10 / 2018

Corporate debtor filed an application under section 10 to initiate CIRP

Gemini Innovations Pvt Ltd. 239 / 2018

Petition dismissed on the cumulative effect of all unnatural actions on the part of the Corporate Debtor

PK Industries Pvt. Ltd. 435 / 2017

Application admitted on being complete in all respects

Leo Duct Engineers and Consultants Ltd. 1103 / 2017

Application admitted on proving the fact that Corporate Debtor could not discharge the debts

Navran Advanced Nano Products Development 342 / 2017

Application admitted subsequent to fulfillment of all criteria under the Code

Gupta Coal India Pvt. Ltd. 31 / 2017

Extension of CIRP period

Miditech Private Limited 432 / 2017

The Tribunal is not to adjudicate how much is the ‘due’, but the fact that default is above One Lakh

Ambey Constructech Pvt. Ltd v. Punjab National Bank 09 / 2018

Adjudicating Authority has the jurisdiction to admit an application

Mr. Suresh Padmanabhan v. Tayo Rolls Ltd. 29 / 2018

Appeal dismissed due to non-prosecution

Roofit Industries Ltd. v. Jitendra Kumar Jain 1055 / 2017

Liquidation Order passed for Corporate Applicant

Ameya Laboratories Ltd. v. Kotak Mahindra Bank & Anr 192 / 2017

The order which has been stayed would not be operative from the date of the passing of the stay order and it does not mean it is wiped out from existence

Antrix Diamond Exports Pvt Ltd. 107 / 2017

Winding up process initiated by the High Court is a bar to initiate corporate insolvency resolution process

Asis Logistic Ltd. v. State Bank of India & Ors. 10 / 2017

Application admitted upon noting full disclosure made on part of the Applicant

Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Co. Ltd. v. PSL Ltd. 10 / 2017

Plea to appoint a different IRP rejected

Lata Export Apparels Pvt. Ltd. 1687 / 2017

Application admitted due to the compliance of the supporting documents to prove the default

Lata Export Apparel Pvt. Ltd 1687 / 2017

Admission of petition by Corporate Applicant

Tayo Rolls Limited & Suresh Padmanabhan (CFO) Tayo Rolls Limited 398 / 2017

Application was rejected as it was filed post the statutory period of 180 days

Sunil Sunderlal Luhar v. Indian Bank 137 / 2017

Application admitted noting the overriding effect of IBC

Gupta Global Resources Pvt. Ltd. 1239 / 2017

Appointment of New Insolvency Resolution Professional

Conros Steels Pvt. Ltd. 1513 / 2017

Petition filed by Corporate Applicant dismissed

JEKPL Private Limited 24 / 2017

NCLT orders for CIRP against defaulter