Corporate Applicant

Kaanha Shipping Private Limited 133/10/2022

Application stands admitted

Go Airlines (India) Limited 264 / 2023

The application is dismissed.

Metalite Eco Future Labs (P) Ltd 809 / 2021

The application was admitted

Niroz Insulations Pvt Ltd. 15/10/2022

The Bench admitted the Petition

Muppidi Venkat Reddy, Authorised Signatory of M/s. Srius Business Solutions Pvt Ltd. 392 /...

The Application filed u/s 10 of IBC, 2016 to initiate CIRP is admitted

Ppagro India Private Limited 06/10/2022

The Hon’ble Tribunal admitted the Application filed by the Applicant

SES Energy Services India Private Ltd. 474 / 2022

Application is admitted. Moratorium to be provided.

Way Automotives Pvt Ltd. 23 / 2022

The application filed under section 10 is admitted

Fashion Equations Pvt Ltd. 323 / 2021

Initiation of CIRP is admitted

Ramsarup Industries Ltd. IA 538/2021, 628/2021 & 635/2021 in CP 349/2017

Application disposed of with direction to registry

Aar Ess Agro Commodities Pvt. Ltd. 482 / 2021

Bench admitted the Petition

JR Foods Limited 84 / 2021

Application seeking the initiation of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (‘CIRP’)

Shree Shankar Saw Mill Private Limited 101 / 2021

The Application is admitted and the Insolvency Resolution Process is initiated against the Corporate Applicant.

KN Interior Designs and Engineering Private Limited 87 / 2021

Application seeking the initiation of CIRP

Suvidha Parklift Limited v. Registrar of Companies & Ors. 3468 / 2019

Petition was allowed and the bench ordered the initiation of CIRP

Pondicherry Extraction Industries Pvt. Ltd. 990 / 2019

Application for initiation of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process under Section 10 was admitted

JKS The Banyaan Private Limited 988 / 2019

Application for initiation of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process under Section 10 was admitted

Amit Dye Chem v. Selathaar Tanning Industries Private Limited 83 / 2020

Application admitted and Liquidation of the Company ordered with Mr. Mr. J. John Ohilvi, as IRP

Seed Sustainability Services Pvt. Ltd. 75 / 2021

The petition is allowed and Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process is ordered against the Corporate Debtor

Artimpianti India Private Limited 2104 / 2019

Application for CIRP admitted

Indian Transelectric Company Limited 1021 / 2020

Application seeking dissolution allowed

Bripranil Industries Ltd. v. Abhijeet Jain IA 1166/2020 in CP 198 / 2018

The application stands admitted and the Tribunal has ordered for Liquidation of the Corporate Debtor by appointing the Applicant herein as the Liquidator

Educomp Infrastructure & School Management Limited CA 898/2019 in CP 10 / 2018

The resolution plan as proposed by the RP was approved and the moratorium issued shall cease to have effect thereon

Prithivraj Spinning Mills Private Limited v. Indian Overseas Bank, Coimbatore IA/636/2020 in IBA/120 /...

The application is dismissed under Section 10(4)(b) of IBC, 2016 as it is incomplete inspite of the opportunity being granted

IGOPL Offshore Private Limited 918 / 2020

CIRP application not admitted as special resolution is not passed properly

Alucast Auto Parts Limited 121 / 2020

CIRP application is admitted since the corporate applicant has incurred various debts and became insolvent

Ms. Subramaniam Aneetha RP of Cryo-Save India Private Limited 38 / 2020

Petition was allowed to be withdrawn and also dismissed as infructuous

Lenaxis Chits Private Limited 387 / 2019

Petition seeking initiation of CIRP against the corporate applicant is disposed as withdrawn

Aradhya Wire and Ropes Pvt Ltd. v. South Indian Bank Ltd. 366 / 2019

CIRP was initiated against the Corporate Applicant