National Company Law Tribunal Cases

IL & FS Financial Services Ltd. v. Parsvnath Developers Ltd. 767 / 2019

Hearing of a matter pending in the appellate court

Pragat Akshay Urja Ltd. v. Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. 753 / 2019

Parallel proceedings – A pre-existing dispute under section 9

Gupshup Technology India Pvt Ltd. v. Interpid Online Retail Pvt Ltd. 23 / 2019

Claim is a right of payment even if it a disputed one

Pederson Consultants India Pvt Ltd. v. Nitesh Estates Ltd. 720 / 2018

Existence of dispute should be prior to the issuance of Demand Notice

Ramchandra D. Choudhary (RP of Maharashtra Shetkari Sugar Ltd.) v. COC of Maharashtra Shetkari...

90 days excluded from the CIRP period as the reason was justified

Mr. M. Srinivas v. Smt. Ramanathan Bhuvaneshwari & Ors 498 / 2019

The Adjudicating Authority has the Dual and interwoven role to pass order under Companies Act and IBC

Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Ltd. & Anr v. Kerala Electricity Board & Anr 232...

Supply of essential goods which includes ‘electricity’ should not be terminated during moratorium period

Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd. v. Raheja Developers Ltd. 703 / 2018

Existence of dispute should be prior to the issuance of Demand Notice

Mr. Arvind Garg (Moser Baer Solar Ltd.) v. COC of Moser Baer Solar Ltd....

Order of Liquidation was not interfered as there no valid ground

Raymond Construction Co. India Pvt. Ltd. v. Larsen and Toubro Ltd. 668 / 2019

Matters not falling under the purview of Section 9 of the code

Arunava Sikdar v. Sanjeev Saxena & Ors. 682 / 2019

Inclusion of the Government as a party to the case

ICICI Bank v. Ganesh Gopalawamy Babu 655 / 2019

Application filed under two authorities

Standard Chartered Bank v. Satish Kumar Gupta 242 / 2019

Common order regarding the claims of creditors

SNG Developers Ltd. v. Neetu Garg & Anr 651 / 2019

Withdrawn in view of contentions of parties

T. Karuppusamy v. Vincot Agencies & Anr. 583 / 2019

Withdrawn upon amicable settlement

Peter Johnson John (Employee) v. KEC International Limited 188 / 2019

Reliance upon foreign decree in a case with pre-existing dispute

Vandana Garg v. Reliance Capital Ltd. & Anr 603 / 2019

NCLAT reverses the NCLT’s order

Pranami Trading Pvt. Ltd. v. Kieon Developers 96 / 2019

NCLAT reverted the issue back to the NCLT to admit the application

Committee of Creditors of Bhushan Power and Steel Limited v. Mahendra Kumar Khandelwal, RP...

NCLAT dismissed the appeal as it is not in its jurisdiction

Vishal Gupta v. Suntech Infra Solutions Pvt Ltd. 615 / 2019

The appeal disposed of in light of settlement between the parties

Mahesh Kumar Panwar v. Mega Soft Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. (In liquidation) 617 / 2019

The Appeal dismissed as the Contempt proceeding was already initiated in NCLT

Shyam Kumar Garg v. Sunrise 14-A/S Denmark and Anr. 587 / 2019

NCLAT allows the appeal as parties amicably settle ongoing matter

Janak Goyal and Anr. v. Satyendra Jain and Ors. 202 / 2019

NCLAT allows withdrawal of appeal as COC votes 100% in favour of the same

Mr. Ashish Choudhery v. Unipik Automation Solutions & Anr 544 / 2019

NCLAT allows withdrawal of appeal in the light of settlement between the parties

Maruti Ferrous Pvt Ltd. v. Sunil Ispat & Power Ltd. & Ors 250-251 /...

Resolution Plan should not be discriminative in distribution of dues between the Creditors

RMS Employees Welfare Trust v. Anil Goel 699 / 2018

Any dues payable to the government department comes within the meaning of Operational Debt

Cachar Paper Project Workers Union (INTUC) v. Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd. & Ors 586...

Liquidation process should make the Corporate Debtor as going concern

Hindustan Paper Corporation Officers & Supervisor Association & Ors v. Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd....

Liquidation process should make the Corporate Debtor as going concern

Dr. Ashish Naithani v. Anil Matta & Anr 564 / 2019

Appellate tribunal rejects withdrawal