Operational Creditor

Ayu Infrastructure Private Limited v. Samak Landscape Private Limited 1176 / 2019

Moratorium ordered, as the Respondent had not established a Pre-Existing dispute

Rakesh Kumar Pardeep Kumar v. Dash Export Private Limited 1388 / 2018

Pre-existing dispute should be raised only before the statutory demand notice

Gupta Ji Electric Company v. Straight Edge Contracts Private Limited 1071 / 2019

Transfer of liability to a third party, without the assent of the Applicant is not allowed

B.Chokshi Chem Private Limited v. Kemac Chem Private Limited 1752 / 2018

Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process is initiated because the respondent lost the right to file a reply

Quazar Infrastructure Private Limited v. Minarch Overseas Private Limited 615 / 2018

Any subsequent dispute raised, after demand notice cannot hold that there is a pre-existing dispute

Devghar ISPAT v. Rameshwaran Steel and Power Pvt Ltd. 123 / 2019

Settlement of due during pendence of proceedings

Shruti Implex v. N.R Commercials Pvt. Ltd. 36 / 2019

The company petition has been dismissed without any cost

Angel’s Fashions v. Arnit Retail Private Limited 771 / 2019

CIRP ordered, as the claim of pre-existing dispute cannot be raised as a reply to the Section 8 notice

Blue Star Limited v. Heaven Engineers & Contractors Private Limited 2173 / 2018

‘Moratorium ordered as the respondent had not established a pre-existing dispute’

Bookitfree.com Pvt Ltd. v. Ajanta Offset & Packaging Ltd. & Ors. 60 / 2020

Application disposed, as CIRP against the corporate debtor already initiated

Total Logistics Pvt Ltd v. Headwin Exim Pvt Ltd. 222 / 2019

Application dismissed as the Debt was not proved beyond doubt

Tricolite Electrical Industries Ltd. v. Wipro Ltd. 86 / 2018

Application dismissed as there was pre-existing dispute