Resolution Professional

Madhu Desikan 1414 / 2018

The Corporate Debtor is liquidated

D. Ebenezar Inbaraj 536 / 2017

Modification of the Resolution Plan by the Tribunal

C Ramasubramaniam 1022 / 2018

Corporate Debtor is liquidated

Deepa Venkat Ramani, RP 434 / 2019

Liquidation Order passed against the Corporate Debtor.

V. Mohan 1439 / 2018

Registry is directed to communicate the allegations of IRP to the IBBI

P. Sriram 838/ 2019

The Corporate Debtor stands liquidated

Mr. T.V.Balasubramanium, RP (Gemini Arts Pvt. Ltd.) 710 / 2017

Application exclude 180 days from the CIRP

M. Raguram RP v. A. S. E. Janakinathan 490 / 2018

Application allowed and ordered for liquidation

Mr.Mudappallur Varieth Gangadharan v. Padmaadevi Sugars Ltd. 768 / 2018

Application for exclusion of the stay period from the CIRP

Mr. J.Manivannan (Thripura Chits Pvt. Ltd.) 381/10 / 2018

Application filed by the Directors to set aside the entire CIRP

Mr. Naveen Malhotra (Vishal Global Ltd.) 988 / 2018

Application allowed and ordered for liquidation

Nagalingam Muthiah (Xenia Adobe Services Pvt. Ltd.) 1355 / 2018

Application for extension of CIRP for another 90 days

S.Rajagopal (Frontier Lifeline Pvt Ltd.) v. K.M.Cherian 698 / 2017

Application filed by RP to restrain the suspended director to take managerial decision without the consent of RP

Mr.Muthuiah Thevar Rajapandian v. Indian Bank (Pavai Alloys & Steels Pvt. Ltd.) 263 /...

Application filed by RP seeking for his fees from the Financial Creditor

B.Naga Bhushan (RP) GE Godavari Engineering Ltd. 581/9 / 2018

Application allowed seeking extension for a period of 90 days

Shri. Sanjay Kumar Mishra (Lotus Shopping Centers Pvt Ltd.) 66 / 2017

Application allowed and ordered for liquidation

Shri Ramchandra D Choudhary (Vikram Hospital Pvt Ltd.) v. Encarta Pharma Pvt Ltd. 258...

Application granted to exclude 114 days from CIRP period

Mr. Abishek Nagori (Metal Closure Pvt Ltd.) v. State Bank of India 103 /...

Grant of extension of CIRP period for further 90 days

Mr. Muthuiah Thevar Rajapandian (Aeon Paper Mills Pvt Ltd.) 577 / 2018

Application allowed and ordered for liquidation

S.V. Solar Solutions v. Thrive Solar Energy Pvt Ltd. 355/9 / 2018

Application allowed and ordered for liquidation

Udayraj Patwardha v. Ind-Barath Energy Utkal Ltd. 276/7 / 2018

Application allowed seeking exclusion of 45 days in CIRP

Mr. Vasudevan v. State of Karnataka and Ors 39 / 2018

During moratorium period no property in possession of the Debtor can be taken away

M.Murugesan (Velohar Infra Pvt Ltd.) v. Vijayalakshmi & Ors 114 / 2018

Application disposed of as the Debtor’s property was mortgaged to a 3rd party

Mr. R. Venkatakrishnan (BKR Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd.) 472 / 2017

Application allowed and ordered for liquidation

Satyadevi Alamari (Thomson Nusa Metals Pvt Ltd.) v. Bank of Baroda & Anr 989...

Application allowed directing the COC to Pay the remuneration and COC expenses within 15 days