Our Vision

  • To help lawyers and other professionals win cases by managing their work on Insolvency matters more efficiently, serve their clients better and grow their practices.
  • Assist corporations in better understanding their markets, monitoring their brands and competition, and in mitigating business risk.
  • Provide law students with a flair for learning, understanding, and researching to super-specialize in the area of insolvency and bankruptcy.
  • Help laymen have access to the latest developments in the insolvency sphere especially when it is an avenue which is going to involve their interests.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive content coverage, quality content on thousands of cases.
  • The database is updated frequently
  • Electronic Ready Reckoner on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law to view judgments under a particular section or subject
  • Powerful search engine for precedents in multiple ways across all NCLTs, NCLAT and Supreme Court with user-friendly interfaces.
  • Search in any one court or multiple courts and other ways
  • Get quick answers fast and access summarised facts and orders of cases
  • Cross-referenced and hyperlinked.
  • Easy Printouts
  • Access to OCR’ed (optical character recognition) version of the full judgment

Brief Introduction

www.Ibccases.com, brought to you by AKM Research & Analytics Pvt. Ltd., is one of its kind knowledge portal, which aims to build technologies and services that help attorneys better represent their clients. www.Ibccases.com has been designed to cater to people from different spheres, right from laymen, law graduates, companies, businesses to law firms, experienced litigators, advocates/judges and other professionals like the company secretaries, charted accountants, et al.,

We are providing this knowledge portal which is accessible to all on a complimentary basis as a gesture of goodwill. It is our endeavor to make www.Ibccases.com the best legal online resource.

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, its Rules and Regulations is available to all which coupled with precedents makes the law.

We enable finding precedents with unprecedented adroitness. www.Ibccases.com provides all with a comprehensive and easy to use website which deals with the insolvency and bankruptcy law. The depth and breadth of our content help you to excel at every stage of your research and analysis. It is one of the most comprehensive, technologically advanced and intuitive legal research tools with a complete focus in the sphere of insolvency and bankruptcy in India. It makes your legal research simple relevant, easy and fast.

www.Ibccases.com not only delivers the case you search for in particular but also the antecedent by way of whole case history right from scratch. All our content is hyperlinked and cross-referenced. This helps you find out what you are looking for with speed and accuracy. The content is structured in a way to optimize and to vastly improve the relevance of your search results. It provides you with ease of access thereby conducting quality legal research no longer requires extensive knowledge of the intricate legal system itself. Because of the interface and comprehensive coverage and content, anyone who has access to the Internet can now conduct research independently, effortlessly and efficiently, regardless of their location or time.

No more looking through indexes at libraries or waiting for webpages to load. The best part of the site is that all the pdfs of the judgements are OCR’ed (optical character recognition) which gives you the ability to search through the judgement cut, copy and paste the portions which you need for your research. You can conduct search based on topic, section, party names, citations or statutes. You can filter your results by date, party names or Coram to find exactly what you’re looking for.

www.Ibccases.com steps in and provides one legal ease by decoding the legalese. www.Ibccases.com spoon-feeds people from all spheres to understand the crux of the judgement by condensing the whole judgement, however big it maybe to a bare minimum of 50 words. Better content and crisp details helps any-one understand judgements without having to know the law.

www.Ibccases.com gives you a refreshing outcome by providing relevant, uncluttered information with a user-friendly interface.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, with the help of Ibccases.com one saves enormous amount of time of wading through piles of paper/data worth of information. Experts have proven that visuals have a positive impact on the human mind for learning and memorizing. www.Ibccases.com saves your time by providing suitable visual aids for each case to help you identify the case easily and helps you retain information for easy reference and understanding. Its unique & reliable quality helps you save your valuable time and energy.