Kamal Metals Pvt Ltd. v. MK Peacock Mineral Water Pvt Ltd. 1279 / 2018

Application allowed as default was proved beyond doubt

Bank of India v. Prominent Metal Pvt Ltd. 1083 / 2019

NCLT allows CIRP against Corporate Debtor

Counfreedise v. Timex India Group Pvt Ltd. 27 / 2018

Application dismissed since the claim does not fall within the meaning of Operational Debt

Macro Leafin Private Limited v. Dhrovv India Limited 9 / 2018

Application for Liquidation stands withdrawn

State Bank of India v. Varam Bioenergy Pvt Ltd. 377 /7/ 2018

Application admitted since debt proved beyond doubt

Vaishali Traders v. Tantia Construction Ltd. 1666 / 2018

Disposal of the application due to pending corporate insolvency resolution process

John Varghese v. Value Designbuild Pvt Ltd. 46 / 2018

Application allowed and dismissed the main CP as withdrawn

M. Raguram RP v. A. S. E. Janakinathan 490 / 2018

Application allowed and ordered for liquidation

Union Bank of India v. IP Construction Pvt Ltd. 593 / 2018

Application submitted for the Extension of the CIRP period

Naresh Kumar & Company Pvt Ltd. v. Kalyanpur Cements Ltd. 1193 / 2018

Application submitted challenging the decision of COC

Prem Industries v. SR Breweries Pvt Ltd. 776 / 2018

Application allowed and ordered for liquidation

Shine and Shine Enterprises v. Canaan Engineering Private Limited 495 / 2018

NCLT admits insolvency plea against the wilful defaulter

Bank of Baroda v. Chamber Constructions Pvt. Ltd. 3962 / 2018

Creditor’s rights to claim repayment through any legal means

V.Mahesh and Valia & Co. v. Brinzk Powertech Private Limited 1179 / 2017

BENCH: HON’BLE MEMBER (JUDICIAL) V.P.SINGH AND HON’BLE MEMBER (TECHNICAL) RAVIKUMAR DURAISAMY The applicant filed the application for liquidation after the modified resolution plan of a...

L&T Finance Limited v. Delhi Control Devices Pvt Ltd. 55 / 2019

Application disposed of as the CIRP application was revived by NCLT

Keshan Trading Corporation v. E-Power Energy India Pvt Ltd. 364 /9 / 2018

Application admitted since debt proved beyond doubt

DNV Global Pvt Ltd. v. Profenster India Ltd. 66 / 2019

Application dismissed as of both parties conceded by way of settlement

India Trading Oil Company v. Abhinandan Dyeing Private Ltd. 590 / 2018

Application submitted for the initiation of CIRP rejected due to the Existence of Prior dispute

Axis Bank Ltd. v. Sai Leelagar Power Generation Ltd. 357/7 / 2018

Application admitted since debt proved beyond doubt

Kousalya Arecanut Trading Company v. Shree Meenakshi Food Products Pvt Ltd. 3895 / 2018

NCLT initiates CIRP against defaulter evading payment due to “extraneous circumstances”

Punjab National Bank v. Poscho Steel Pvt Ltd. 204 / 2019

NCLT initiates CIRP application preferred by Punjab National Bank

State Bank of India and Ors. v. Anudhik Metallics Limited and Ors. 44 /...

Liquidation due to failure to implement the resolution plan

Ram Service Station v. Suprio Kumar Chaudhuri 223 / 2018

NCLT allows claim and directs the RP to collect and collate the claims presented by the applicant

Mr. Naveen Malhotra (Vishal Global Ltd.) 988 / 2018

Application allowed and ordered for liquidation

Nysa Enterprises Pvt Ltd. v. ICICI Bank Ltd. & Ors 02 / 2017

Application dismisses since the Applicant was commercially solvent