K & A Organics v. Tamta Construction Co- Pvt. Ltd. 1121 / 2019

Plea of pre-existing dispute raised after Section 8 notice is not admissible’

Fine Group Corporation Limited v. Lemon Electronic Limited and Ors. 394 / 2019

Moratorium ordered as there is no pre-existing dispute established

Ayu Infrastructure Private Limited v. Samak Landscape Private Limited 1176 / 2019

Moratorium ordered, as the Respondent had not established a Pre-Existing dispute

Rakesh Kumar Pardeep Kumar v. Dash Export Private Limited 1388 / 2018

Pre-existing dispute should be raised only before the statutory demand notice

Gupta Ji Electric Company v. Straight Edge Contracts Private Limited 1071 / 2019

Transfer of liability to a third party, without the assent of the Applicant is not allowed

B.Chokshi Chem Private Limited v. Kemac Chem Private Limited 1752 / 2018

Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process is initiated because the respondent lost the right to file a reply

Quazar Infrastructure Private Limited v. Minarch Overseas Private Limited 615 / 2018

Any subsequent dispute raised, after demand notice cannot hold that there is a pre-existing dispute

Aditya Kumar Tibrewal v. Abhijit Paul & Another 28 / 2019

The application has been disposed off

Devghar ISPAT v. Rameshwaran Steel and Power Pvt Ltd. 123 / 2019

Settlement of due during pendence of proceedings

Shruti Implex v. N.R Commercials Pvt. Ltd. 36 / 2019

The company petition has been dismissed without any cost

Bank of India v. Agnipa Energy Pvt. Ltd. 37 / 2019

The company petition is allowed

Angel’s Fashions v. Arnit Retail Private Limited 771 / 2019

CIRP ordered, as the claim of pre-existing dispute cannot be raised as a reply to the Section 8 notice

Blue Star Limited v. Heaven Engineers & Contractors Private Limited 2173 / 2018

‘Moratorium ordered as the respondent had not established a pre-existing dispute’

Langlai Tea and Industries Ltd., Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agrawal v. State Bank of India...

The Application IA No. 03 of 2020 filed by RP for approval of Resolution Plan has been allowed by the Tribunal. Pvt Ltd. v. Ajanta Offset & Packaging Ltd. & Ors. 60 / 2020

Application disposed, as CIRP against the corporate debtor already initiated

Grarantco Ltd. v. Calcom Cement India Ltd. 35 / 2019

The Application is filed for the initiation of insolvency resolution process

Total Logistics Pvt Ltd v. Headwin Exim Pvt Ltd. 222 / 2019

Application dismissed as the Debt was not proved beyond doubt

Tricolite Electrical Industries Ltd. v. Wipro Ltd. 86 / 2018

Application dismissed as there was pre-existing dispute

State Bank of lndia v. Adhunik Metaliks Ltd. 373 / 2017

Claims during non-implementation period

IL&FS Financial Service Limited v. Emerald Lands (India) Private Limited 1446 / 2019

NCLT ordered to admit the petition as there is a default

Reserve Bank of India v. Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. MA No.4125/2019 in CP...

Appointment of Authorized Representative of Public Depositors