Siti Networks Limited v. Bhoomika Media Initiative Private Limited 58/9 / 2019

Application admitted since debt proved beyond doubt

Mr. T.V.Balasubramanium, RP (Gemini Arts Pvt. Ltd.) 710 / 2017

Application exclude 180 days from the CIRP

The Karad Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd. v. Khandoba Prasanna Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. 1509 /...

The tribunal approved the implementation of resolution plan

Central Bank of India v. RS Ingot & Billet Pvt. Ltd. 274 / 2019

Initiation of CIRP for claims based on Consortium agreement

Akshar Properties. v. Reliable Exports (India) Pvt. Ltd. 3312 / 2018

Claim of operational creditor under a joint venture is not maintainable under Section 9 of the Code.

Avalani Engineering Corporation v. Debdip Rubber Works Pvt Ltd. 1501/ 2018

Application rejected as there was no delivery of notice under Section 8

Lalitha Developers v. Ittina Properties Pvt Ltd. 129 / 2018

Application dismissed as there was existence of dispute on the Operational Debt

Kamal Metals Pvt Ltd. v. MK Peacock Mineral Water Pvt Ltd. 1279 / 2018

Application allowed as default was proved beyond doubt

Bank of India v. Prominent Metal Pvt Ltd. 1083 / 2019

NCLT allows CIRP against Corporate Debtor

Urmilla Enterprises Pvt Ltd. v. URC Construction Pvt Ltd. 415 / 2019

Application for initiating CIRP against the Corporate Debtor

Counfreedise v. Timex India Group Pvt Ltd. 27 / 2018

Application dismissed since the claim does not fall within the meaning of Operational Debt

Tricolite Electrical Industries Ltd. v. HBN Homes Colonisers Pvt Ltd. 82 / 2018

Application allowed as default was proved beyond doubt

Macro Leafin Private Limited v. Dhrovv India Limited 9 / 2018

Application for Liquidation stands withdrawn

Mr. S.S.Chockalingam v. Mr. Mahalingam Suresh Kumar (Nag Yang Shoes Pvt. Ltd.) 431 /...

Application to direct the Liquidator to refund the deposited money

Shree Shyamala Estates v. Shopper Stop Ltd. 4012 / 2018

NCLT dismissed the application due to the fault of the applicant

Eastern Electrodes and Coke Pvt. Ltd. v. Bhaskar Shrachi Ltd. 591 / 2018

Denial of CIRP due to the existence of a pre-existing dispute between the parties

Stressed Assets Stabilization Fund v. Shree Vaishnodevi Mills Pvt. Ltd. 1216 / 2018

Application to initiate CIRP against the Corporate Debtor

Suraj Mal Sharma v. Ojasvi Agritech Pvt Ltd. 132/9 / 2019

Application admitted as the default was proved beyond doubt

Bank of India v. Eagle Cotton Private Limited 458/7 /2018

NCLT admits CIRP against Corporate Debtor

State Bank of India v. Varam Bioenergy Pvt Ltd. 377 /7/ 2018

Application admitted since debt proved beyond doubt

Vaishali Traders v. Tantia Construction Ltd. 1666 / 2018

Disposal of the application due to pending corporate insolvency resolution process

John Varghese v. Value Designbuild Pvt Ltd. 46 / 2018

Application allowed and dismissed the main CP as withdrawn

M. Raguram RP v. A. S. E. Janakinathan 490 / 2018

Application allowed and ordered for liquidation

Union Bank of India v. IP Construction Pvt Ltd. 593 / 2018

Application submitted for the Extension of the CIRP period

Naresh Kumar & Company Pvt Ltd. v. Kalyanpur Cements Ltd. 1193 / 2018

Application submitted challenging the decision of COC

BCL Secure Premises Private Limited v. AGC Networks Limited 2497 / 2018

Existence of prior dispute between the parties

A.K. Corporation v. Anupam Extractions Limited 2781 / 2018

Application not barred by limitation – commencement of the rights to apply